How to Order

How to Order at Jancember

At Jancember, we strive to make your shopping experience as smooth and effortless as possible.
This guide you how to place an order and provides key information for each step.

Step 1: Browse & Add to Bag

Navigate to the product page of your desired item.
Choose your preferred color, size, and quantity.
Color Options: If your preferred color isn’t listed, it’s unavailable for that style.
Size Options: Select either standard size or custom sizing.
For custom sizing, input your measurements and agree to the terms and conditions before adding the item to your bag.
Quantity: Select the desired number of items (if applicable).
For some accessories, you can personalize them with your chosen information.
Once you’ve selected all options, click “ADD TO BAG”.
You can also browse for matching items and add them to your bag.

Step 2: Review & Checkout

Go to your shopping bag to review the selected items.
Verify the color, size, and quantity for each item.
Make any necessary modifications:
Click “Edit” to change options.
Use the plus/minus signs to adjust quantity.
Computer users:
Click the “X” to remove an item.
Click “Move to wishlist” to remove an item and add it to your wishlist.
Mobile users:
Swipe left on an item and click the trash can to remove it.
Swipe left on an item and click the heart icon to add it to your wishlist.

Step 3: Complete Order Information

On the checkout page, provide your event date (if applicable). This is a reference for us, not a guaranteed arrival date. Your order will usually arrive before the estimated delivery window provided at checkout.
Fill in your shipping address or choose one from your address book.
Sign in if you already have a Jancember account.
If you haven’t registered, simply enter the email address you want to use for your order. We’ll create an account and email you the password after your order is placed.
Choose your preferred shipping method:
We offer standard shipping for all regions and expedited options for US customers.
We also offer super saving shipping for some items and a Shipping Protection service (optional).
Select your payment method and fill in the information (if applicable). We offer various payment options, which can differ by country.
Review your order details in the shopping bag section and make any necessary changes.

Step 4: Submit & Confirm Your Order

Check the box confirming everything in your order is correct, including color, measurements, and style, and that you’ve reviewed the return policy.
Click “PLACE ORDER” and complete your payment.

After Ordering

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your payment is processed.
Orders are not processed until payment is confirmed.
If your payment fails, we’ll notify you via email. Please double-check your order status and payment history.

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