Black wedding dress – another color of love

Legend has it that a bride who is married in a black wedding dress will only be widowed in her life and will not divorce. In […]

12 Constellation Exclusive Wedding Dress

Each constellation represents a different personality. Each person is destined to have an innate personality trend at birth, and there are different wedding dresses for brides […]
Blue wedding dress

Evening dress history

Evening dress, as a formal social occasion, are more representative of identity, status, taste, education and many other intangible languages. This is also the result of […]
wedding dress

Why is the wedding dress white?

The combination of honeymoon trips and wedding photos is becoming more popular among young people today. Sanya, where the seasons are like spring and the scenery […]
love season wedding dress 2018

English corner 4.11 – to enhance ourselves and grow up

All members of our company conducted weekly English speaking activities on the second floor in activity center at 8:00 am,April 11, 2018. The event was hold […]

Wedding Culture

Wedding dress or wedding dress Gowns is the bride’s wedding wear at the ceremony. The choice of style and color depends on the bride’s religion and […]