Do you have an all-glam taste, romantic spirit, and mega curves?

Want to feast your eyes on something feminine and splendid?

We think a fit-and-flare mermaid outfit will make you say YES TO THE DRESS.

Mermaid wedding dresses are all the rage today. So many of our brides have ditched traditional wedding gowns, and chosen mermaid pieces for those are lightweight, fresh, and can have you dancing all night long.


Mermaid dresses outline your body and flare out from the bottom. The cut can turn you into a gorgeous princess, right out of a fairy tale.

Mermaid dresses are stylish yet classic. The right fit, color, and fabric will also have you make an impact on your guests.

They play up with your sweet curves and are known to add a romantic, feminine vibe. The dramatic and fitted silhouette adds allure. Besides, the impressive neckline looks daring and stunning.


The length of the torso plays the trick. So, brides with short and long torsos must be careful. Magnifying only specific parts of the body, mermaid dresses make your shoulders and bottom look much broader.  Also, in hopes of maintaining balance, you could over-accessorize and spoil elegance meeting simplicity.

So yes, mermaid fit isn’t a universal choice, but you can pull together a perfect look for your special day with the right tricks.

How a mermaid dress fits different body type?

A mermaid gown fits closely to the body through the torso and buttocks. It then fishtails outwards into a flare from right below the knees and trails behind you. In short, the bodice fits tight, and the skirt flares out.

The best body shape for a mermaid wedding dress is a balanced body type – one with bust, waist, and hips, all in proper proportions.

Another shape that works great is the hourglass body type. It hugs the chest and waist, snuggles around the bottom, and doesn’t feel overwhelming but perfectly figure-flattering.

Mermaid fit is also suitable for an inverted triangle structure, busty/slender figure, or a rectangular body type. Although not the best bet, you can still work your way around it. Just accessorize the dress well, avoid certain fabrics, and look to our LA store or other partner stores professionals for better fashion advice.

If you’re an apple or pear-shaped bride, we suggest you steer clear of this style. These fitted silhouettes flatter the figure, clinch the waist, and accentuate curves in the right way. You wouldn’t want to do the opposite, right?

Mermaid is for every bride who wants to feel sexy, show off her curves, and stay true to her style.