Legend has it that a bride who is married in a black wedding dress will only be widowed in her life and will not divorce.

In China, red represents joy and yellow represents peace, so many brides choose a set of red and yellow Chinese traditional dresses when they get married. As the process of international culture gradually integrating with our living environment, everyone gradually learned that white wedding dresses symbolize purity and beauty, while black wedding dresses are rare.

In fact, choosing a black wedding dress is not weird. Before the 19th century, people would not buy a white wedding dress for the wedding. but wear their most beautiful clothes, often not white. In 1840, when Queen Victoria of England wore a white silk wedding dress to marry Prince Albert, a white wedding dress was born. The meaning of pure color began to spread in wedding occasions.

Black, in people’s impressions, has always been a representative of sorrow.but in addition to sadness, black still gives people a mysterious feeling, can not understand, can not guess.

In Spain, the black wedding dress represents loyalty, which means that the bride’s love for the groom will not die. It is the determination to love only one person in one life. It is the bride’s usual wedding dress color.

There is a nation called “Wide” in Europe. When the bride is married, the bride will wear a black wedding dress. The bridegroom wears a black dress, which means accepting the helplessness, suffering and sorrow in the marriage from the beginning. This is also the case, their divorce rate is very low.

In the eyes of the Maasai people in Kenya. black is a cloud of darkness, and the rainy season is coming, thus symbolizing prosperity and life.

In China, there is a minority, Yi.the original nobles claim that they are different from ordinary people. the bones are black, so black represents noble.

It can be seen that black represents a firmness and a nobleness.