The combination of honeymoon trips and wedding photos is becoming more popular among young people today. Sanya, where the seasons are like spring and the scenery is pleasant, has become a tourist attraction. But I do not know if you find that whether it is a travel or local shooting, wedding dresses always have a white wedding dress. The wedding photos of various stars are basically white.

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The origin of the white wedding dress

But do you know why wedding dresses have favored white since ancient times? good looking? Symbolizes purity? Not right.
In 1840, Queen Victoria of England wore the first white wedding dress in history. Since then, the world woman has changed her wedding dress style.
The queen wore a white dress with dazzling diamonds and precious lace. Beautiful Chinese brocade fabric with a trailing length of 18 feet and a white veil. The head-to-toe white debut astounded the audience. . Her move, in amazement, has become a popular trend more quickly. The bride wearing a white wedding dress at a western wedding has gradually become a traditional custom that has been passed down to the present.

Queen Victoria Wedding Photo
Queen Victoria Wedding Photo

Symbol of white wedding dress

Historians point out that the main reason why wedding dresses have chosen white since ancient times is actually the symbol of identity.
It can be understood that rich brides wear this color in order to show off the fact that they can afford to clean the clothing (white clothing was very difficult to clean a long time ago).
The biographer Julia Baird wrote in the book Victoria: The Queen: “Before people master bleaching technology, white is a rare and expensive color, more used to symbolize wealth, not purity.”
Over time, although cleaning and bleaching are no longer difficult, the wedding tradition of white wedding dresses has been handed down, especially after synthetic fibers have become widely available (and cheaper than satin).

Blue wedding dress

White wedding dresses are the most important part of modern wedding culture. In any country, in addition to retaining their own national wedding dress, more and more new people choose white wedding dresses. It can be said that the white wedding dress has become the most typical representative of the wedding dress.
However, with the development of the times, a single wedding color can not meet more and more individual brides. They boldly put on various wedding dresses. The various colors fully reflect the different characters of the bride and let the bride be completely in this. The days that belong to them are exceptionally radiant.