According to foreign media reports, Prince Harry and starred in the popular US drama “gold lawyer” girlfriend Meghan Markle will announce the engagement as soon as possible!

Although she enjoyed a 15-month romance with Prince Harry, Markle knows what it means to be involved with the Crown Prince of a British royal family – a long public appearance and an official announcement. “I believe this day will always come and when we need to go hand in hand,” she explained, “at the same time introduce the two of us to the public!”

She may have wanted to start practicing her royal life. Multi-party sources confirmed that Prince Harry had quietly proposed to marque, 36-year-old Actress, who starred in the Goldsmiths’ Bar. Although the couples never disclose their feelings to the public – a source close to Harry said: “Until Princely news comes out, Prince Harry always shares the news with his parents so they can go to the public Know well before you share these happy things. “Meanwhile, a source at Markle said:” They will make a formal announcement to the public recently! ”

“Probably next month!” Insiders predict the announcement will likely be released by the time Meghan Markle concludes her performance of Season 7’s “Gold Attorney”, which is also the last season. “It was a nightmare to Markle,” one of her friends complained. “She’ll be followed when she’s gone!”

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markel

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle

It’s like Markle’s glittering, glittering eyes that sparkle her and she’s protected by the Kensington Palace. After closing the episode, Markle’s close friend said she would definitely move to London to live: “In that way, she will be fully engaged in arranging the media’s publicity and the wedding plans for the next two.”

According to insiders, just as Prince William and Prince William were announced in 2010, Prince Harry and Markle would most likely “publish a small photo in front of Kensington Palace and invite only one photographer and one A reporter. “” They will be interviewed by a television interview on the day the announcement is released, which will certainly make a big splash in the world. ”

Although insiders at Kensington Palace also know little about the news of the two, they have started secret preparations for the preliminary work, insiders said: “It all needs to be arranged in advance well prepared marriage and preparation of the wedding dress.”