In order to better promote the corporate culture, enhance English learning ability, enhance the staff’s mental outlook, enhance the company’s execution, improve work efficiency, work plan and job requirements, order smoothly, and promote the importance of all employees in English, enhance the company Internal communication and communication, so that each employee has strong communication skills in English, in particular, organized early learning system in English.




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Morning session time:

8:00 start moderator morning’s watch content for a brief introduction

8: 10-8: 30 All staff watching movies

8: 30-8: 40 Hosts group all employees



Morning session of the process:

1.Morning session host brief introduction of today’s learning content, and organize the orderly watch English movie “Friends”

2.After watching, the host group all employees

3.In28/12/2017 Each member of the group recreates the episode of the movie

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Chinese wedding suppliers



As a basic part of the corporate culture, all employees carefully watched the learning content and understood the roles they wanted to reproduce. We all looked forward to the day after tomorrow’s role play.