To enrich amateur life, to improve relationships and unity among colleagues, and to keep an amazing memory among our colleagues, the Love Season has hold a Christmas Party successfully, on its Activity Hall, on 10:20 am, Dec. 23rd, 2017.


Many days before Christmas Party, our colleagues have already begun the preparation. They made a careful layout full of Christmas atmosphere and romantic feeling the day before the Party. Every member has his or her duty, such as each preparing delicious dishes and dumplings.

Love Season‘s Christmas Party

Love Season‘s Christmas Party

The Party started by the host’s wonderful opening words. Everyone took a group picture together, then we made dumplings and boiling them. All members gathered together to enjoy this happy moment. After enjoying the delicious food, we played interesting games with bonuses and little punishing activities. The hold also brought the Party to the climax by funny dialogues.


With candies, fruits and brilliant dishes, we drank red wine and beers to convey the blessings of Merry Christmas. In the end of the Party, all the members took pictures and cleaned up the Activity Hall.


We prepared the Christmas activities early in December 8th in order to have a more wonderful, more grand and more colorful Party. To have rich participation, each responsible person also prepared carefully for this Party. The Christmas atmosphere could be found everywhere in the Love Season. All these interesting activities have been accomplished orderly thanks to meticulous planning. And all the members have enjoyed themselves.


With stunning visual impact, all the members’ vitality has been shown comprehensively in this warm Party. This Party has not only enriched the upcoming Christmas atmosphere, but also further promoted the exchanges and relationships among our colleagues.

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