If the wedding dress in the storage process has wrinkled, you can use the iron transferred to the not too high temperature will wrinkle the place to iron about, if the crumpled veil, you can hang the veil, half a day will naturally Become docile again. For difficult folding skirts, it can be tied up with a rope or removed, then use it when installed, but every year drying clothes, the skirt should be restored to its original condition, so as not to lose its elasticity.



If the wedding has loose beads and cracked clothing stitches, or stained with stains, be sure to remember to repair the bead or cracked clothes seam before making a comprehensive stain pretreatment, and finally by a professional clothing care expert Hand wash with the softest detergent, which will remove visible smudges and invisible smudges such as champagne, sugar and the like. If left untreated, those invisible stains oxidize and fade into ugly yellow over time. The use of perchlorethylene or oil-based detergents is a good choice with regard to the choice of detergents. Although oil-based solvents are not as thorough as perchlorovinyl in stain cleaning, their rich oily qualities can nourish Some fabrics make them shiny.



After the wedding dress, it is up to the ironing by the skilled ironing workers carefully each part of the wedding dress, after which it will be packed up, wedding dress material can definitely affect the life of the dress. Most dress conservation experts do not recommend the use of plastic products to wrap dresses, because it can cause permanent wrinkles and moisture absorption, make clothes moldy, white copy paper or plain gauzy printing fabric is the ideal packaging material.



After the wedding package will be put acid free, dark, breathable box, from light, dust, mold and insects intrusion. Finally, put an outer box on the outside of the box to enhance dust and light protection, to provide more sophisticated protection. Finally, the wedding dress with the box placed in a cool dry backlight, away from the humid.



Note that the wedding can not be hung up, because the older, there is so little weight wedding will have a vertical force, the skirt stretched or even torn. In addition, before the collection of wedding must wash their hands, do not stick to the cosmetics, because it will make your wedding dress after a period of time there will be small yellow spots.



No matter what the wedding dress texture, should be carefully washed after professional storage, especially the cotton texture of the wedding dress, because cotton fibers more easily damaged, so be careful when washing, do not use too much stimulation product.