The origin of a wedding(1)

Although wedding ceremonies have existed in countries all over the world since ancient times. But the bride has been wearing a wedding dress at the wedding for less than 200 years. The prototype of the wedding dress should be from the new moon to 1700 BC to 1550 BC. The ancient Greek Mirin three generations of aristocratic women showed chest, sleeves with elbows, chest, waist line from the lower line of the breast, the lower body was bell-shaped dress, overall tight clothing . Today, the white silk dress worn by the bride on the hem was originally a Catholic costume. Since some ancient countries in Europe are a country and a religion, people must go to church to receive prayers and blessings from priests or pastors so that they can become formal and legal marriages. Therefore, the bride wears a white dress and shows sincerity and purity to God.

Before the 19th century in the West, the bridal gowns worn by married girls did not have uniform color specifications. Until 1820, white became the most widely used dress color in weddings. This is because the Queen Victoria of England is wearing an elegant wedding with a white wedding. Since then, white wedding dresses have become official wedding dresses. Now, some people don’t understand the origin of the wedding dress. Ingenuity, the bride’s wedding dress is pink or light blue to show gorgeous. In fact, according to Western customs, only women who are remarried can use the colors of pink or blue to express the difference of the first marriage.

The origin of a wedding(2)

In the mid-summer of 16th century, the Irish royal family in Europe loved to hunt.On a midsummer afternoon. The royal aristocrats used shotguns, horseback riding and grazing beagle dogs in small towns in northern Ireland, and met Miss Rose. At that time, Count Richard suddenly fell in love with love at first sight. Miss Nass’s innocence and elegance made me deeply fascinated. The tall and upright Richard Earl impressed Miss Ross.The count fell asleep all night and was not feasible at the time of the feudal society. He bravely put forward the idea of “married the wrong door instead of buying a house.” Raised and married Rose, who was born in the countryside. The royal family was in an uproar and resolutely defended Royal lineage and opposition.

Because of his persistence, the royal family made a request that was almost impossible at the time.I hope that the vote will be invalid. I hope that Miss Rose can sew a white robe overnight (no habit of marrying white silk). The request is a white robe that is long in front of the church in the wedding room of the Irish Royal Commission Church.

Asks, Richard Richards’s favorite marriage has almost become disillusionment ….. But Miss Ross does not agree. In the evening, I did not sleep with the residents of the entire town, worked together and sewed a delicate 16-meter white robe before dawn. The design is minimal and the royalties are full of charm. The white robe was sent to the Irish royal family the next day, and the royal family was undoubtedly not much touched and emotionally impressed by the design concept. Under the promise of the King and Queen of Ireland, the fairytale sacred wedding was completed…

This is the origin of the world’s first wedding.


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