Wedding dress is a dress every bride has dreamed of, want to wear it into their own marriage. This white wedding implies the pure purity of the marriage, the two married life is also so pure and beautiful state to go on. Wearing a pure wedding, vows and promises with the lover, also has far-reaching charm.

In such an important day, of course, to choose the most perfect wedding dress to your hand, and grow old together. But now a growing number of wedding dress styles are “cottage”,For the sacred wedding, this is undoubtedly a profane.

In Love Season,We provide one to one service for you, A more detailed classification saves you time on browsing.Here you do not have to worry about the old style and affect your season are original design,Each wedding is carefully designed by designer Mr. Feng, showing you the most perfect.




LOVE SEASON Chief designer Mr. Feng


Central Academy of Fine Arts clothing graduate

Italy Carlo Century College of Women’s fashion version of graduate students

Asian makeup hairstyle competition referee

Asia Pacific cutting-edge make-up stylist

Senior national makeup artist

Original wedding beautiful bride wedding accessories system founder

 “First Lady” chief dress trainer


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